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Private jets and personal helicopters have become increasingly common amongst international companies and their corporate executives, as an indispensable item for both business and personal use. And with the numerous arangements that can be entered into with respect to purchase, sale and leasing of jets, planes and helicopters, there are significant legal nuances that need to be addressed when negotiating and completing such transactions. At Neufeld Legal P.C., we work with our corporate clients to appropriately position them relative to their commercial activities with both private jets and helicopters, including:

Purchase / Sale: Assisting in buying and selling of new and used aircraft, which often entails the negotiation of price and financing arrangements, fractional ownership, sale-and-leaseback arrangements dealing with aircraft brokers, international tax matters related to cross-border deals.

Leasing / Chartering: Creating the structure through which helicopters and private jets can be leased / chartered and thereafter dealing with the obligations associated with the leasing process (both from the perspective of lessor (aircraft leasing companies) and lessee), especially when a leased aircraft can be misappropriated for illegal purposes that could jeopardize the retention of said aircraft.

Upkeep and Upgrading: Dealing with matters related to maintaining or increasing the value of the private jet / helicopter, in the interest of increasing its quality and its resale value.

Contractual Matters: Contractual arrangements with the individuals and companies involved in facilitating the operation and repair of the aircraft.

Litigation: Dealing with matters pertaining to the use and operation of plane (including illegal activity involving the plane's use, which has the potential of seriously jeopardized the return of the aircraft).

As such, when you (or your company) are looking to acquire (or lease) a private jet or helicopter, or encounter legal issues associated with your aircraft, the New York division of Neufeld Legal PC is capable of representing your legal interests therein. Contact us via email at or telephone at 646-681-4491.

* Our law firm is involved in the legal side of the purchase (or leasing) of high-end products including, but not limited to, private jets / helicopters, luxury yachts, art work, and vacation properties (emphasizing Canadian real estate).

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