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When it comes to leasing commercial property, there are few real estate markets like New York City, and more specifically Manhattan. From Wall Street through to mid-town Manhattan, the challenges associated with office leases and other business-related leases can be particularly daunting to the uninitiated, in particular for those who have not previously undertaken a commercial lease in the Big Apple.

The significance of effectively negotiating the lease for commercial real estate cannot be understated, yet the procedural complexity associated with completing a lease can be quite frustrating and uncertain.  Commercial property leases need to be carefully reviewed, negotiated and drafted by experienced legal professionals, otherwise the financial costs and/or legal problems that can arise from an incorrect or inadequate lease agreement have the potential to be quite harmful to one's business.

Recognizing the role that the commercial lease (and lease payments arising therefrom) have on the operation and financial bottomline of your business in New York City, donít underestimate the value of engage the appropriate lawyer when:

-          advising and coordinating your lease negotiations

-          protecting you from negotiating away important rights and safeguards

-          obtaining key concessions and benefits from the other side

-          identifying traps and pitfalls in the other sideís requests

-          drafting the terms of your lease agreement (and offer to lease)

-          reviewing and explaining the contents of a proposed lease

-          obtaining changes to the lease that protect your interests

-          securing the other sideís compliance with their lease obligations

-          resolving disputes and enforcing legal responsibilities

When your business is looking to undertake a commercial real estate lease in New York City (and more specifically Manhattan), the law firm of Neufeld Legal PC has the experience that you are looking for to undertake the review, negotiation, revision and/or drafting of such commercial lease agreements (and when necessary, enforcement and dispute resolution). Contact us via email or telephone 646-681-4491.


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