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With an increasingly globalized world and revolutionary advancements in the manner in which business and law are undertaken, it is critical that your business properly engages its business ventures with New York City counterparts with the appropriate legal support. Professional legal counsel from the law firm of Neufeld Legal PC can provide that decisive legal representation when your business seeks to advance its business interests in the United States of America via New York City or has legal matters that have arisen which necessitate retaining the legal counsel of a New York business lawyer.

Our New York legal operations deal extensively with international corporate ventures, representing companies based outside of the United States of America that are seeking to engage business counterparts situated in New York City. By striving to provide an innovative approach to foreign legal representation, we are intent on providing you with the optimal approach to maximizing the success and financial return on your prospective New York business venture. As such, whether your business is headquartered in Canada, Europe, Asia (incl. Oceana), the Middle East, Africa or South America / Central America, legal representation for business undertaken through Manhattan is faciliated with New York admitted attorneys.

When your business is looking to undertake business into the United States of America, with a particular emphasis on undertaking operations through New York City, the law firm of Neufeld Legal PC has the legal prowess and experience to provide legal representation on your international business transactions and contracts. Contact us via email or telephone (001) 646-681-4491.


The law firm of Neufeld Legal PC provides legal services pertaining to business engaged in New York City, with a particular emphasis upon corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships, joint ventures and complex commercial contracts. When entering into business arrangements with a New York based corporate partner, it makes sense to engage the appropriate legal counsel. Attorney Advertising. Prior Results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. We are only admitted to practice in specific jurisdictions and conduct all legal work and communications exclusively in English. Client's Rights. Client's Responsibilities. Legal Statement. © 2013.