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The family office is the current incarnation of an investment vehicle capable of dealing with a pervasive challenge to investment structuring, that being intense and aggresive government regulation. For as earlier investment vehicles, such as hedge funds, went from being the exclusive realm of the super wealthy to an enticing and popular investment structure for those of financial means, it has subjected these earlier approaches to heightened regulation and constraints. It is for that reason that new structures have arisen and continue to develop, with the intent of overcoming the restrictions that have been imposed upon hedge funds and other established investment structures.

The challenge is to remain a step ahead of the regulators and the constraints that they place on investing, given their somewhat misplaced intent to protect investor who had specifically chosen such heightened risk given the potential for increased returns. One such development is the modern incarnation of the Family Office, which is designed to enable high net worth individuals overcome certain regulatory restraints that curtail investment opportunities and the realization of higher returns.

Our role as legal counsel to such investment structures, is to interpret and advise on the laws and regulations impacting such investing, while offering insights into strategy and optimization. We also look at deficiencies and inefficiencies associated with the proposed form of family office or other investment vehicle, such that we might negotiate and implement a superior structure from the perspective of our client. And that is a critical aspect, that you alone are our client, and as such we have no other vested or conflicting interests that might adversely impact our assessment and approach.

As such, when seeking legal advice with respect to investment vehicles that are specifically designed for high net worth individuals, such as the family office, contact the law firm of Neufeld Legal PC either by email at or telephone at 646-681-4491.


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