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Selling a business, whether in its entirety or a division or select assets thereof, is rarely a straightforward process that is devoid of legal and associated challenges. Corporate divestitures tend to be full of challenges when the business owners are seeking to get the best price for what is being sold and exit that particular aspect of the corporate world that limits, if not eliminates, any subsequent legal exposure. As such, it imperative that the appropriate professionals, including legal counsel, are engaged early in the business sale / divestiture process (generally, very well in advance of when business owners typically would consider 'bring in' the lawyers - as postponing the lawyer's involvement typically doesn't save money, but results in the ownership losing money).

Optimizing the Sale Price: Early engagement of legal counsel, when there is but the consideration of selling the business, can be extremely important in optimizing the sale price, where it is possible to identify such opportunities.

Finding the Appropriate Buyer: Having an attractive business for sale is but half the challenge, as there remains the issue of finding the right buyer and having a deal structure that doesn't leave you 'high and dry' when the buyer fails to follow through.

Completing the Deal: Getting to completion can be a challenge, especially when forces out of your control impact the prospect of the transaction closing, and yet these matters need to be effectively dealt with if the objective goal is to be realized.

Our NYC legal practice places particular emphasis on the purchase and sale of businesses (mergers & acquisitions) that are directed through New York City and that carry a purchase price in excess of One Million U.S. Dollars (with our central focus being on transactions in the Five Million to Fifty Million U.S. Dollar price range, though transactions carrying a price tag of Hundreds of Millions U.S. Dollars can also be undertaken). Many of our business transactions are international in scope or ever-more frequently internet/technology based. We are strong users of technology to create greater client efficiencies, in particular as a result of the global dimensions of many of the merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions that we undertake.

As such, when your business is looking to undertake a corporate merger, acquisition or divestiture in New York City, the law firm of Neufeld Legal PC has the legal prowess and experience to design, negotiate and implement such business deals. Contact us via email NYC@NeufeldLegal.com or telephone 646-681-4491.


For the global merger and acquisition legal needs of European, Asian / Chinese, Middle Eastern, South American and Canadian businesses requiring experienced legal representation to transact business with New York City based companies. Since with effective legal representation, that understands how to optimize the profitability that can be realized through multi-national mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships and joint ventures, your engagement of a New York based corporate partner will be that much more successful. Attorney Advertising. Prior Results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. We are only admitted to practice in specific jurisdictions and conduct all legal work and communications exclusively in English. Client's Rights. Client's Responsibilities. Legal Statement. © 2013.